fe-Commerce VIP – Beschleunigen Sie Ihren Geschäftsaufbauprozess
Entdecken Sie effektive Möglichkeiten, eine unterstützende und kollaborative Teamumgebung zu schaffen, die Wachstum, Mentoring und Erfolg fördert.
In diesem Abschnitt erfahren Sie, wie Sie Ihren KOSTENLOSEN globalen TNT-Markt mit Clubshoppern, Händlerpartnern und Affinitätsgruppen erweitern.
(LEGACY) Strategische Vision Ihres Clubshop-Geschäfts
"Ignorant quem portum petat nullus suus ventus est." - Seneca. "Kein Wind ist günstig für den Seemann, der nicht weiß, in welchem ​​Hafen er landen möchte." Mit dieser Metapher hatte Seneca mit ziemlicher Sicherheit Ihr Clubshop-Geschäft im Sinn. Ohne zu wissen, wohin Sie damit wollen, werden Sie nirgendwo hingehen. Das Anschauen dieses Webinars, das in acht kurze Videos unterteilt ist, und das Teilen der Clubshop-Mission ist daher für jeden wichtig, der mit seinem Clubshop-Geschäft wichtige Ergebnisse erzielen möchte.
Über den Unterricht

Die Goldene Regel:

„Behandle andere so, wie du es von ihnen erwarten würdest"

GPS Direct Commissions:

With the Clubshop TNT, you’re building a stable recurring income. The Fast Start Bonus, instead, is what allows you to start earning rapidly since the very first days.

As a Partner, you earn a 50% direct commission or “FAST START BONUSES” auf jedem GPS first month fee, paid by any Personally Sponsored member of your team.

Wie funktioniert es?

  • Schnellstartbonus 50%:

You are the original sponsor of all the affiliates you received from your GPS monatliches Abo, from the Cooperative Marketing, oder dass you signed up personally.

Each time one of your “originally sponsored” affiliates subscribes to GPS, you earn a 50% Fast Start Bonus on their FIRST monthly fee even if they are anywhere above or underneath your 6th level. 

  • Second Phase Bonus 50%:

Each time one of your “originally sponsored” Partners upgrades their GPS to a higher one (*but not higher than yours) zum ersten Mal, you earn AGAIN the 50% Fast Start Bonus on their FIRST upgraded monthly fee, even if they are anywhere above or under your 6th level. 

Erinnern Sie sich:

  • When a Fast Start Bonus or a Second Phase Bonus is produced, no other commissions are credited to the upline sponsors. 
  • You can see all your “FMP” First Month Partners in yellow in all your reports. When you see some of them in your team, you can easily understand why you didn’t earn any commission on their GPS that particular month (unless you are their original sponsor, of course).
  • You earn the second phase bonuses only when the upgrades that produced them are not higher than yours. Zum Beispiel, wenn Sie eine haben GPS Basic Plus and your personally sponsored partner makes a second upgrade from GPS Basic Plus to GPS Pro, you miss the “second phase bonus.” Still, you can earn the regular TNT commission if this upgraded partner is in one of your six generations.


Let Your Business Explode. Don’t Leave Your Affiliates Alone; Follow Them Up!

Affiliates are the lifeblood of your business! Please don’t leave them alone! Follow them up properly, using the integrated communication tools included in your GPS Pro and superior: 

These Exceptional BONUSES are GREAT To Help You Earn Much Faster While You Build Your Long-Lasting Residual Income.

Let’s See Some Practical Examples:

Let’s say you are the original sponsor of 50 Affiliates. You got some of them from GPS/COOP and some through your landing pages.

Beispiel 1

  •  10 of your First Month Partners activated a GPS Basic.
  •   You earn: $9.90 x 10 x 50% = $49.50

Beispiel 2

  •  10 of your First Month Partners activated a GPS Premier Plus.
  •   You earn: $249.90 x 10 x 50% = $1249.5

Beispiel 3

  •  10 of your FMP activated a GPS. Ihr Durchschnitt GPS ist $ 50
  •   You earn: $50 x 10 x 50% = $250

Teamwork always wins!

Can you imagine how things would explode if other partners of your team could take advantage of these two bonuses, too?

So, don’t hesitate to get in touch will all your upline AND downline partners, to make sure they know about these bonuses and advice them to take advantage of it.

Play With The Earnings Calculator

This operation could bring thousands of new affiliates to your team. How many of them will decide to become partners during the weeks and months to come? Nobody can say precisely because the conversion rate could even dramatically increase along the way.

By the way, it’s always a good exercise to spiele mit dem GPS Einkommensrechner to project your potential earnings, based on the indicators you see in your dashboard.